Travis Greene  

Travis Greene is an anointed writer, singer, producer, and minister. His mission is to declare war against the enemy and reclaim this generation for Jesus Christ. Greene's musical style is accented with pop, melodic gospel, and energetic rock compositions. By living in culturally diverse regions and experiencing various church denominations, he embraces his unique gift for adaptability.  The use of transparent lyrical content along with flavorful beats, allow this artist to interpret the gospel in a manner that crosses multiple boundaries. He boldly states: "I'm not afraid to be exactly who God has called me to be. The fact that I don't waste time trying to be someone I'm not, allows my sound of worship to be expressed authentically."  

Greene has been deemed the "Modern Day Lazarus."Travis was pronounced dead after falling four floors out of a window in Germany. God miraculously revived him back to life after his mother prayed relentlessly.  His debut album, "The More," released under his independent record label, Greenelight International, glimpses into the life and ministry of this phenomenal psalmist. Songs such as, "My Testimony," describe the artist's encounter with God after falling from a 4-story building at the tender age of four. The resounding praise and worship melody, "Heaven Is Loud," gives listeners a vivid perception of the celestial realm. "Still Here," is a battle cry that declares, "If the devil could kill me, he would have done it by now!" Greene declares, "I feel like David in the face of Goliath. There is no devil that can triumph over me. When God allows you to overcome death, you're clothed in a supernatural boldness." "The More," highlights the artistry of other anointed artists and producers, such as Ramon "Drum-Ducer" Gaskin, Mali Music, Joe Porter, and Lost Identity. 

Travis has shared the stage with numerous artists such as, Israel and New Breed, John P. Kee, Martha Munizzi, William Murphy, Dottie Peoples, Clint Brown, Canton Jones, Tonex, Mali Music, Lee Williams, Debbie Winans, David Brinson, The J.J. Weeks Band, and many more. Travis serves as one of the music and student ministry leaders at his home church, New Hope International, in Warner Robins, Georgia, whose Pastor is Bishop Jeff Poole. 

Travis has spent the past decade serving as youth pastor, worship director, and national recording artist. At just five years old, Travis was given a passion for music by God after the sudden death of his father. In addition to playing several instruments, he also writes and produces multiple genres of music. Travis accepts the challenge to continually unify the body of Christ as one. He passionately uses his gift as a tool to inspire, heal and expose others to the transformative love of Jesus Christ.

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