Tia Brewer-Footman  
  tia   After nearly a decade as a behind-the-brand business development consultant, voice personality and media coach to some of the largest Fortune 500 corporations and organizations globally, including L’Oreal’s Soft Sheen-Carson, American Heart Association, Elizabeth Arden of New York, QVC, McDonald’s Choir Showcase, American Cancer Society and more, Tia Brewer-Footman now brings her years of expertise, intuitive-DNA and investigative mindset into her role as Founder of B Unlimited, Celebrity University & Tia's Jr. All-Star Academy. Also known as a “media darling,” Tia is an award-winning journalist who has worked for such affiliates as CBS, ABC & FOX.  
  She now provides consulting services to corporate executives, entertainers, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs and others on how to up-level their industry expert brand, stay “top of mind” with media producers, as well as how to leverage media exposure to create revenue. With a portfolio that includes hundreds of hosting and panel appearances over the years, Tia continues to wow audiences with her warm, genuine personality and broadcast savvy.  
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